Monday, April 04, 2011


Not sure what to say folks....It was a roller coaster weekend.

Tanya...Sorry I missed your Baby Shower:(

The Good:
-Hanging with my friend M! Much laughter and great BBQ. -Great shoot with Teresa and Steve Kinsey...If anyone needs a MUA for a movie set, she is Amahhhhzing! -Friends who stand by you when things go to shit:/

The Bad:
-Knowing something was off(My intuition is ALWAYS right. Having my suspicions confirmed in a shitty way. -Not getting sleep -Being upset/stressed

-Trusting someone I've known for 10 years. Having felt they weren't honest with me. Allowing myself to feel something for someone who was never emotionally available to begin with. Having a friendship almost fall like a house of cards.

The shoot Sunday went well despite 2 hours of sleep. Pics to come. Needs days off from working out due to exhaustion. My body is not sleeping well again due to adrenals fatigue or stress. I'm VERY warm at night even with the A/C cranked down to 65. Then I sweat and get cold, cover up and get hot.....toss/turn and the vicious cycle goes on. :(


I'm worn the fuck out today.

This here problem needs to fix itself quick because it's hard to exercise on no sleep and exercise keeps me sane:/


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Osbasso said...

The good appears to have been great.

The ugly just sucks.