Tuesday, April 05, 2011




Brit-Man said...

You look like you've got a large cut on one of your arms. I'm assuming that's you anyways.

As for the sleep, you could try things like Glutamien, 5-HTP or Melatonin, or simply a warm drink might work, or a small portion of Carbs, as carbs have a positive interaction with sleep pattterns. I'm not 100% sure why, but Carbs od fuel the brain, so they may increase procution of things like Seratonin, Dopamine, Hypocretin etc etc, mood hormones.

You would though with supplements, need to make sure if you're still using Thyroid meds, that they wouldn't interact negatively.

I can't recall if you ever said you'd stopped them or not, I think you said you did.

As for the problem with a longstanding person, that is obviously a tough thing, but you can't blame yourself for it, because even if you feel like it's a lapse of judgement on your part, you're human and sometimes it can be easy to let emotion rule head and heart.

So don't punish yourself for what happened, it's not necessarily your fault, by that I mean if the only fault you have is being someone with a big, warm loving interior, than keep being at fault, because that is a truly beautiful aspect of your personality and you can't be blamed for wanting to share it with people.

Keep on being you and just know that it is very valuable and very precious.

You have so much to be happy about right now, so chin up, keep smiling and keep believing in the power of YOU.

:-) :-).


~Melisa said...

LOVE the pic!! HOTNESS :)

PlaysByEar said...

Smile! haha

Smut Mutt said...

Intense pic!