Saturday, April 16, 2011


Today was call-back audition day for the Sci-fi web series I badly wanted to be a part of. The was a role that was PERFECT for me.....seriously. All week I rehearsed in the office, shower, car, grocery store and yes treadmill.. I was this character.....

Today in the call back I got my first taste of "IMPROV" on the fly with a stranger ...rather a few sets of strangers. IT WAS AWESOME. No...I wasn't perfect but damn, I can do improv?! It was so much fucking fun. My favorite part was making the audience laugh:) and oh....


It's about to get really interested folks. Tonight I have to memorize lines for the TV host audition I have next week. Wow...crazy.

Thank you Universe!

Toadies from yesterday's intimate Waterloo show:) Love these guys!