Thursday, April 21, 2011


Can you sense the happier tone? Got sleep...well more sleep anyway. It's been a rough and tumble last few weeks due to an abundance of awesome opportunities. Opportunities are GREAT but they are also stressful at times. So many auditions. Remember, I have to leave work for every audition; which can be stressful when trying to be badass at both.

I had been sweating yesterday's audition which added to my insomnia. Yesterday was do or die and I REFUSED to give it anything less than my best. The last time I saw this particular casting director was the day we had callbacks which I completely bombed! :( That was not the case this time...I fucking rocked it. I memorized everything, I went slow in my delivery and gave it a ton of personality. The director stopped and said..."That was the best delivery today"...YAY!!! We ran through it a couple more times and he seemed to like me. I'm hoping for a call back! It's a show on TV...fingers crossed! Regardless, I'm HAPPY with my performance!

Yesterday was an unplanned rest day due to utter exhaustion. I hit the sack as early as possible and took benadryl dreams with me.

Here is my Leading Change testimonial....
(YES, I say 'Um" about a zillion times) It was unrehearsed and 1 take. Gimme a break ;)

Today's workout was 50 min of solid cardio and weights tonight.



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Brit-Man said...

That was a really great thing to watch :-).

Honest feedback for you :-).

One thing I would politely suggest, is that maybe there could be a little more eye contact with the viewer, just because there was a perhaps a bit too much of looking down at the table, which made it look as if you were reading from a script sometimes, so the viewer might think that was you saying what someone wanted, not what you wanted.

Just a polite observation :-) :-).

It does however highllght what a really natural talent you are and what a great asset people looking for actresses would get.

You also looked really natural, pure and glowing in terms of appearance.

I actually like when you have a casual style of dress, in the same way as you did with that Biometrics ad, because it gives you a beautifully earthy appearance. There's a nice sort of mix of slight ruggedeness / toughness, but it contrasts well with the immense purity of your looks, so you don't look too delicate and fragile, but confident and assured.

It makes me really proud to see you doing such things, so keep it up, because you deserve it :-) :-).