Monday, April 25, 2011

Kitty Crazies

Round the bed we go...where we stop nobody knows. To the the wall, to the front door, over the couch, attack my feet, onto the bed and off...round and round.

Jeez. This cat be a little crazy no? It's an adapting stage for us both and neither of us slept much last night. Le sigh. One day I'll get rest...maybe? Maybe not.

More auditions tomorrow, BTV Wed, Awolnation show Friday with G. I got my new meal plan and workout schedule from Lori. Holy shit that is allot of food. The thing is....I have NOT been eating enough which has added weight and bloated me out completely. YUCK!

Her workouts?

Well let's see. I saw it on paper and minutes max, will it be enough? 48 minutes later..and still not finished. It.Was.Tough! A great combo of bodyweight/CF/Weight movements that left me huffy and a puffy quickly. Oh my abs...:/. I still have the last round to finish at home. She is gonna kick my ass.

Barbara doesn't leave a workout unfinished.

She does speak in 3rd person though. Kinda creepy eh?

Tonight is reserved for kitty playtime and full on meal cooking. Guess what is back? Gluten free carbs :) Carbs for everyone is seems. Jeez..this is allot of carbs? :::scratching head:::: I remember when I was in the best shape of my life and what did I eat? 5-6 meals a day and lots of healthy carbs. Here we go!


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Brit-Man said...

GOOD LUCK with everything.

:-) :-).