Saturday, April 09, 2011


Yesterday's workout kicked my ASS and I suspect it will kick yours too.

Warm up-
25 min power walk


20 Rounds--yes, TWENTY

5 KB Swings(60lb)
10 Push-ups
15 Leg Raises on bench
20 Squats

Oh MY! this was my first time doing that many push-ups all on toes and that many squats. I just kept knocking out my squats in fast sets of twenty..bam bam, bam. I was soooo excited about the push-ups because I didn't have to break them up until the 16th round. Dang!!!!

Ya know what else? Hardly any muscle soreness today. Which probably means DOMS sets in tomorrow..but I can do my tribe workout today. :)

Everything else in my life has settled down regarding emotions etc. I NEVER intended to "date" because, frankly I'm too busy...just kinda happened. Happy to be back on track! I need to submit a video audition, hit my friends new place and my producers house warming. Solidify some paid modeling shoots and work on others.

HEY...I'm looking for some up and coming young designers who might want to dress me for BTV and modeling shoots. They would get advertising and the clothes would be gently borrowed and returned. If you know anyone who might fit that me please! We have a bunch of photographers and one badass make-up artist!



Lindsay said...

Hey Barbara - my cousin owns an online boutique called Peacock Plume and she said they'd be interested in doing some styling for you! Her e-mail is

Congrats on all that's happening for you right now :)

Lindsay Spurck

Barbara said...

Lindsay, THANKS so much! You and your cousin are a Godsend!

I sincerely appreciate that. I'll contact her:D!