Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blue Skies and Lats

The weather here in Austin has been amazing! Cool mornings and warm afternoons, clear blue skies with umber green trees. I love nature. I took a venture into Wimberly to see my natural Dr, Lane Seabring this morning. That man is so easy to talk to and sooo knowledgeable. The drive is about an hour each way which equals lovely me time:) We are currently working on my cortisol levels and adrenals. FUN!

Yesterdays workout left me pretty sore. I've got a couple upcoming shoots with Lat focus so I'm trying to build them up again.


10 min walk WU

Preacher curl-alt DB
Barbell curls-60lb
Barbell preacher curl-35lb
Cable row-75,85
DB Row on bench-30lb
Lat Pulldown-85-100lb
Close grip pulldown 85-100lb
Tri dips
Tri pulls on Rope
Iso-machine/back 95-140 max

+45 min power walk

Today is either a rest day or something CF-like. I most likely need a rest day and I most likely will NOT take one.

This week is all about script memorization, big audition Sat, Heading to SA to see my bestie and my dad ;D. It's a busy time for me everywhere so lets hope I get descent sleep.



Brit-Man said...
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Brit-Man said...

I'll be in touch.

Take care and best wishes.

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