Saturday, April 30, 2011

Awolnation Rocks My Sox

As you know, I host and book bands for BalconyTV Austin. I LOVE being in the music industry, speaking to bands/managers and enjoy watching people succeed. It's a contagious thing to behold. There is so much stinkin talent around us yet only a fraction make it to the point where they can survive on their beloved craft. It's the artists's my dream as well.

We were fortunate enough to have a great band, Awolnation on BTV in December. They were just getting known and have a popular song on the radio called "SAIL".

I really enjoyed the interview experience with the band and their manager Berko, who was such a pleasure to work with. :D They rolled through town during SXSW which i missed..BOO! Luckily they came back last night. Berko emailed me and asked if I'd like to go and put some other people on the list. It was a VERY cool unexpected invite. What's more...We got to go to soundcheck and listen in a more intimate setting and chat with a few members. Good times with my buddy Georgia. The show fucking killed!!!!!!

Check them out!!!

BTW..Balcony TV just hit 20 MILLION VIEWS! They are adding more cities and it's ready for a NATIONAL SPONSOR!




Katie said...

LOVVEE the song Sail!! LOVE it :D I work out to it all the time.

Barbara said...

Me too! they have some great beats for sure AND are friendly peeps.