Saturday, April 23, 2011

3 Day Weekends:)

Who doesn't love em?

Yesterday I was off which allowed me to do a bunch of things at my own pace. Slept in..ahhhhhhhhh. That alone was very lovely. I hit my gym for weights/spin and a power walk. Then it was off to Visionary Cranial Acupuncture which sounds very odd but it felt so very good. Needles just don't bother me anymore which is a good thing. The last time my cholesterol was checked the chick had to poke me .....5 times because she had zero clue what she was doing. Yes, it WAS at HEB Grocery but still....5 times? That is MY blood thank you very much.

Yesterday ended with much needed kitten therapy. Yes, My friend fosters cats and she has 3 day old babies to bottle feed as well as a few older kitties. It was exactly what I needed. I ended up bonding with Eileen this beauty of a tortoiseshell kitten. Le sigh..

I need a pet to love on.

Today hasn't been quite as smooth since I ran over something with my car recently :/. The damn noise it's making would make "Click and Clack" cringe so I headed to my faithful mechanic first thing today. It's not free but fixable and won't break me. It's always something folks.No car meant no shoot:( I hit the gym for a 3k Row, 3 mile Run and some weights. My plan is getting a pedi with my friend G and just trying to relax the rest of the weekend. Maybe rent a movie or better yet...go see one?

I start with my new trainer soon... EXCITED! She is going to kick my ass. Why a trainer? Easy...I need someone to help me be accountable. I have goals that aren't typical 18% BF. You may not approve of my goals but thats ok, they are lofty and MINE!!

New Pic from the last shoot with Teresa and Steve:)

No word on the auditions yet, fingers crossed!




Brit-Man said...

The main thing is that most of what you want is happening. stay positive and keep believing.

:-) :-).


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

You're always go go go. new trainer sounds awesome