Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trojan Attempts Toga-take 1

WTF? was my first thought as I wrapped myself into a mummy like cloth and could hardly breathe. Hmmmmmk- I re-wrapped this time looser(breathing is good) but then my boobs popped out...ARG! Stupid Greek Project Runway for YOU! I finally figured it out but the neckline was too low and my boobs kept shifting...grrrrrr. Toga's are NOT comfy!

Night at a glance:
Got to see people I LOVE....Bille, Sean, Marissa, Jug Tugger, SLUT SLINGER:), Tuckit,DBD , Jerry and Mike. Unfortunately, I was just so pooped that I left before 11pm and missed Gagger by 10 minutes. That sucked!

It's hard to hang with my hasher friends when I'm not drinking because I SOOOO wanted some of that keg and REALLY wanted that yummy fried food. I went home and had sugar free jello...hard habit to break.
Here are the pics and I'm glad I got my ass to the shindig.



Digits said...

You did better than I would have :)
I'd have safety pinned it and called it good:)

BTExpress said...

But I thought boobs were supposed to hang out in a toga? The Romans did it, so you were being authentic.

Brit-Man said...

I'm glad things went well for you despite one or two hiccups :-) :-).

Best wishes and take care.