Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Toadies!!!!!

Going to see them at Stubb's tonight with Jen and Jeff:) The challenge will be to keep my ass awake until midnight...without booze:( Hello Diet Coke!!!

Got up at 4am and hit shoulders fairly hard with 45 min of spin. My upright rows are now at about 50lbs...would like to see that at 75lbs.

Thanks for the comments on my impending 34th's not as bad as it could be. One thing about age....there is certainly more wear and tear on the body. My back is STILL hurting..blah



Brit-Man said...

I'd forgotten there was a 4AM until you reminded me. So what time does that happen then? :-p :-p.

Take care and bets wishes :-).


Trojan said...

LOL...Morning Matt:P

Digits said...

You should get a massage :)

Buzz said...

Oh man, the Toadies.

I dig them so much. Possum Kingdom was my running music for YEARS.

Have a great time and take pictures!

BTExpress said...

Who are the Toadies? I assume they play music of some type, so get that part.