Friday, September 05, 2008

This Weather

Is freaking beautiful....oh how I love the 2 days of Fall that TX gets.

Got my booty to the gym for legs yesterday and 20 min of stairs. This morning was 50 min of sprint/jog intervals and tonight is Back and swim.

Might have a date, might go check out Story Of @ Beauty Bar and might just chillax, all depends on today's work events.

Tomorrow will consist of Chest/Spin, Sushi with Trav,Wine with Ray Ray and a mission to find pasties.Sun plan is am sprints/abs and go hang out with Peggy somewhere/sometime.

Happy Friday!!!


1 comment:

Digits said...

Woo hoo PASTIES!
My aunt owns the best "shop" in all of Boise, unfortunately we are not on speaking terms, cause she thinks I'm a bad person and not good enough for Brian. And she blog stalks me. the bitch. I wish you luck on your quest!