Saturday, September 06, 2008

Thanks and stuff

Got some wonderful advice thanks to you all:) Thank you Kathy of Kathgeats for recommending a great book which I ordered off amazon. I also read "Skinny Bitch" today via free online copy and it certainly is eye the way it's written too.

Sat was a really nice day..
I Started off with weights/spin, always a good heart pumping way to start the day. Then I journeyed to Cindie's Lingers to purchase pasties for the sushi modeling. I selected black star shaped pastes with fuchsia lips on them:) NOTE-Sushi modeling has been postponed until Oct 6th.

For lunch I met up with Travis and Chon Som and we decided to be rather adventurous with sushi. We wound up with an 85$ LUNCH sushi tab-yikes but it was fun and worth it! Soon afterwards I was on my way to meet Ray for a beer in the Domain when this ASSHOLE in a red truck started following me..seriously. I slowed down and he slowed down, switched lanes back and forth 5 did he. I took a fast left when he was far right and parked at Walgreen's for a second to see if he turned around. I didn't see him and headed back to my destination but was wary and kept looking around for this red truck...sure as shit he was WAY in the back still following me. I turned into the Domain, went to my parking area, flipped a U-E and directed my camera phone towards where he would be popping out. Right on sched-he did, he saw me then saw my camera phone and then peeled out faster than shit. Asshole. Got the license plate and my ex is a cop..I'm going to have his ass.

Ray met me in the parking lot and we then relaxed, had a beer and just talked about life. I'm really enjoying this new friend in my life...very cool. He is not into chicks so there is no pressure and lots of freedom to talk about everything...

Last night was just relaxing and into bed early.


BTExpress said...

Great idea about the photo. When they track him down, I wonder if been known for this before?

Digits said...

SCARY! Very smart with the phone :)