Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Woke up at 4:15am wanting to kick some ass in the gym..I was PUMPED!!!

Arrived and did about 45min of shoulders and some interval cardio...all in all good! Went downstairs to get on my spin bike, sat down and immediately had BAD tummy pain....oh CRAP!

I have run relays, done spin, swam..all on a messed up tum tum before but THIS was NOT a good episode. I ended up racing home to take care of me. The funny thing is as I was speeding home at 5:30am..I had to laugh. It just was funny to me......I stress out about having to go to sleep early in order to wake up early to workout...rinse and repeat, and repeat..everyday. The stress of it never goes away. Well, Mother Nature told me to chill today...

What the hell did I eat?

In other news...Doing some community service help this weekend for IKE victims, Pecan St Festival and a date on Saturday.



Digits said...

My stomach is ALWAYS like that :)

Trojan said...

seriously? You always have the runs? I made me dizzy for hours.