Sunday, September 28, 2008


Oops I did it again...I got F'ing bombed, got lost in the bar...oh baby baby.

Sorry...couldn't resist and I definitely have a case of the STUPIDS.

Fuck it..I had FUN yesterday and it's been while since I had a whole day of good fun. Yesterday started off with 2.5 hour of gym time(OK, not the ENTIRE day was fun).I had a yummy Vietnamese lunch with Travis.

It was rush rush to Round Rock for my niece and nephews soccer games. The whole family was there and with perfect weather, it rocked. MY niece is damn good at soccer for 7 years old. That kid means business and I'm smelling a scholarship! :)

On the way home I stopped by Grapevine market for a taste of some new wines, flirted with some cute boys and had some miles of chocolate. Soon after, my buddy Ray came by and we went to HT in the Domain..lets just say it was gluttonous. The night ended with Irish Car Bombs and Bellini's..oh my.

Today hasn't been as much fun....mainly because a cat shit in my mouth and a train slammed into me sometime after I crashed out. (Matt-Sorry, just don't feel like being a lady today)

My stomach is NOT happy, my head is NOT happy and going to HEB was a surreal foggy experience. My breakfast was Wendy's Chili and a Fat free grilled cheese on sprouted whole's what I wanted.

WHY did I go so overboard? Simply put..I had a bad week, I haven't allowed myself much fun lately and do I really need an excuse? Nope.

Good Day!



BTExpress said...

You're entitled to cut loose once in a while.

Brit-Man said...

Hay don't apologise to me. Do you think I'd be acting polite, if a Cat dumped in my mouth?

I like Cats, but that is not an excuse for one to take advantage of my mouth.

Hopefully I never have to experience that.

Take care and best wishes

:-) :-).


Trojan said...

Tony--it was nice and


Digits said...

I love the fun but the rot gut (and mouth) the day after SUCK...

Tina said...

:) You make me laugh...I just love you !!