Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Note

I am NOT, repeat NOT a mind reader.

I'm happy to book your flights, order your rental vehicles and secure lodging at hotels for everyone BUT if you change your CC number and/or passwords, your administrative assistant can't very well assist. It helps me to look like a gigantic ASS though...thanks.

No- I'm not able to unfreeze your account due to too many ill fated login attempts-kindly remember changes you have previously made to prevent this from happening time and time again!

The "deer in headlights "look is cute but doesn't do much to resolve this situation..




BTExpress said...

You need to call a meeting! That's what my last boss did, for every little frigging thing that wasted soooo many man hours I can't count that high. Then he bitched that people weren't getting things done on time. THEN STOP CALLING ALL THOSE USELESS MEETINGS! What a dick!

Trojan said...

LOL..I need you on my team!

Brit-Man said...

Dear Mr X,
this is your personal and administrative assistant here.

Please can you tell me how I can help you, when you do not help me.

I cannot be expected to work to optimal capacity, when my ability to do my job, (helpfully created by you), is turned into a shakespearian tradgedy, and makes me look like the work experience girl.

I would very much appreciate, being told most of what goes on on a daily basis, as I cannot be expected to use some kind of Vulcan mind control, to work out the answer to the latest round of spot the difference.

It is getting to the point, where I am seriously considering spending all of my working day, on the toilet playing Tetris, as I do not need to work out a load of random access codes, or cryptic mind games, to get to level four.

If you could furnish me with a detailed and logical report, explaining your communication breakdown dysfunction, and let me have it by sixteen hundred hours if possible, it would be gratefully appreciated.

You will find me behind the Toilet door of cubicle three, carving expletives with a Biro.

Yours sincerely

Employee Y

I hope things are better for you otherwise.

Take care and best wishes :-) :-).


BTExpress said...

Babs, I'll always be on your team. :-)