Monday, September 08, 2008


My cousins wife just had a baby boy...well more like 6 months ago and just YESTERDAY finalized his name. abut a deep thinker. Ammon Zev...Yep, that is the kiddo's name!

That kid will be tormented forever. why not just name him "Oy Vey"?



Digits said...

Funky names from when I lived in South Carolina:
Brick Wall
Harry Rumphs
Shithead- pronounced Shith-aide.
I kid you not.

Brit-Man said...

Strange names.

1. Iris Tew. You need to say it fast.

2. Daniel Dan.

3. Geoff Geoffrey.

4. Gordon Gordon Gordon.

5. Susan Eatwell Burpit.
Never found out if it was a hyphenated surname, or a first middle and surname.

I have never met any of these people.

Funny products from around the world. I have never had any of these apart from the drink.

Dickmans. A Dutch dessert. A sort of spongey looking dessert with a chocolate topping.

Mini Dickmans. Same but smaller.

Spunk. I believe it's a German, over the counter stimulant, similar in effect to Caffeine.

Plopp. A Swedish Confectionary

Pschitt. A French fizzy drink.

Fanny. I think this is a Brazillian confectionary.

Bum. I think that's a Swedish confectionary as well.

I hope that arse in the truck gets busted. People like that should be locked up for having unsafe minds.

Take care and best wishes :-) :-).


The Dani said...

We had a guy named Ben Balls....WTF?

Digits said...

I had the BIGGEST crush on Jeff Jeffries...

BTExpress said...

Six months and that's the best they could come up with. Poor kid. What are people thinking when they name kids names like that? LOL

Trojan said...

It HAD to be Hebrew...!!! I do love her Hebrew name though..Leora, pretty and simple.

Laurie said...

Yeah that's pretty crazy.

So did you find a good woman yet so your stepdad will support you? ;)

I was thinking of you on the 14'er - we almost did Democrat - in honor of the convention being in town.

Trojan said...

Not yet..still looking in both depts:)


Kate Michele said...

that was the hardest decision i think i was ever faced with