Friday, September 12, 2008


Today is much better. I feel better and got in a great 6 miler this morning with no backache:)

Lots of trip planning to do for my bosses and need to work on stuff for Beka too. At some pt I need to get my ass in gear and get a Toga for tonight's party.

Oh BTW- the hypothyroidism is back and the symptoms worse so I will begin meds next week. I KNOW I'll be OK and this can explain allot of what I have been feeling lately. My mom had these issues too so I will just attribute this to genes and deal.

It's going to be OK....



Brit-Man said...

That's good to hear it will be okay, and I hope it's not to serious.

I hope it doesn't affect your weight training too much, as obviously the Pituitary does regulate GH release as well as TSH, and therefore it's possible I suppose, you might find your physical training harder to get results from.

Anyway, I really wish you lots of luck and all the best. I'm sending you a BIG PAT ON THE BACK, and this isn't menat ot sound patrionising, but the fact you sometimes have to cope with such things, makes you an even more amazing person, and I have to admire and respect you for it greatly.

Take care, and very best wishes.

You're a STAR.

:-) :-).


Digits said...

The meds made a WORLD of difference for my mom :)

sunniejane said...

HIYA girl, just to clear things up, I live in Oklahoma but we have shelters here for those that need them. They brought them in by buses a couple of weeks ago during the first hurricane.

Hope you get things under control with the thyroid.

Did you say Toga? How cool is that? It is like Animal House! Love that movie.