Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hello Lover...

This weather shall be my lover for the day..cool, crisp 60 degrees....ahhhhhhhhh seasongasm.

This morning I got at 4:15am hit stairs about 20, biceps a good 45 min(burned em) and then a pyramid spin class. It was possibly one of the toughest classes I've ever taken and I only stayed for 45 min.

4-5 different intervals like: Standing run, booty hover, jumps, weighted sprints but you hold them in sets for 60 sec, 90 sec and then 2 min. you follow this with a brutal 6 min hill climb til you reach your 10 and then do the descending order of intervals at 2 min, 90 sec and 60 sec.

Holy crap! AWESOME workout! I felt like barfing at one point which is always a bonus.

I've been VERY moody these last couple of days but you get your monthly bill twice in one month and see how you enjoy it. Ugggg it sucks.

think I will check out the Crossings this weekend. Sounds like a nice place to go and meditate...think about the good things in my life and try..TRY to not swell on the bad things. To be honest the bad things in my life aren't as bad as most people so I need to shut the heck up and DEAL!




Digits said...

I listen to the meditation podcasts...

The Dani said...

What is the crossings?