Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Post

Need more of those because my posts this week have been complete "Debbie Downers" wah wah waaaahhhhh


ACL is this weekend. Yes, 60, 000 people coming to Austin to celebrate a knee ligament:) Awesome! Actually it's this...I think going downtown would be a fun endeavor, meet some kick ass freaky folks and see some cool live music.




Digits said...

I'm going camping! YEAH!

Brit-Man said...

Yeah a Knee Ligament. Still at least they're not celebrating a Colon or something like that.

:-p :-p.


Trojan said... funny girl!

Trojan said...

Ohh..I read Ariel with Matt's post...

Sorry Matt..I know you are NOT a girl:P

BTExpress said...

Good news from my end! I don't own any WaMu stock.

April said...

You rock...wish I could be social like you LOL!

Trojan said... me..I don't always do what i post. so...I'm social in theory but not always as much in reality.

Brit-Man said...

I think I do have a feminine side though, but I 'll save it for another day.

:-p :-p