Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Blood Related Thang

I had to get my blood work done today after my morning workout. This always makes me grumpy because I'm HUNGRY after 2 hours of fasted working out...and I want my damn coffee.
I guy sat down next to me in the waiting room and told me "I was the picture of health, why are you here?" Hmmmm well I just mentioned it was time to get updated blood work etc...and he kinda hit on me and flirted. Wow.....no make-up, wet hair....was he going to be having eye surgery soon? ha-ha

It was a nice perk.

Got in Stairs-Good Shoulder set, 80 Puch-ups and 50 min of hardcore spin! Tomorrow(God Willing) is Chest/30 spin and 30 Swim with Kerry... I say God Willing because my back is REALLY not happy with me....need to respect the back.

Tomorrow is 5 years since my mom passed...I'm moody, cranky, sad and bitchy. Beware!



Digits said...

Hugs lady :)

April said...

Hugs from me too!

Just wanted to say also that your pic on Myspace is GORGEOUS!!!!!

Brit-Man said...

Take care, and just remember, she is gone, but will never be forgotten, and I'm sure if she was here today, she would be proud of you, and proud of her daughter being the wonderful lady you are.

BIG PAT ON THR BACK, and best wishes :-) :-).


Trojan said...

Awe..thanks guys and gals:) You all rock.

Ariel..you are wonderful...

April..thanks...that was a few haircuts ago. YOUR hair is getting long and looks pretty girl!

Matt--thanks for always being so sweet and kind.

BTExpress said...

It's tough loosing a parent, I know, but she's still watching over you and knows what a great person you have become.

Sounds like that guy did too. Make up or not, your still hot! The sweaty part was just a bonus.

MySpace? You have a MySpace and didn't make me a friend? :-(

Tina said...

I'll be think about you tomorrow...HUGS!!!

Kate Michele said...