Sunday, September 07, 2008

Awesome People

Today I didn't feel like working out....blah.

Sometimes you just wake up in a funk and don't feel like it. I managed to grab some coffee and hit the grocery store for my weekly food prep. Got back home realized that since I was running dishes I couldn't prep anything yet--no knives.

So, I headed to the apt gym to just walk for 10 min. Yeah right, 10 minutes my ass. I ended up running 8.5 miles on the treadmill with an incline of 5. Woot! 1000 calories down. Then I boiled oatmeal, prepped salads with grilled chicken, stewed squash, made jello ...whew.

I checked yesterdays mail afterwards and found this:

THE most AWESOME card ever from my friend and team mate Carla. OK--Carla is a freaking rock star(literally) but she is also sincere, sweet and a badass in the gym. Thanks Babe!

I also took a quick shot at my bicep...It's coming back because I have been kinda slacking with the upper body weight lifting.
Wonder if my ex BF is going to try to contact me today---he is in town visiting his "GF". Never a dull moment these days.
Congrats to VISIONQUESTOR aka Cynthia!!! She won her pro card Saturday!! I bet we will see her on an upcoming cover of Oxygen Magazine. Check her out on my blog roll.


Brit-Man said...

You should be proud of your physical achievements. You're a pretty amazing hard worker on that front, so WELL DONE, and keep pushing hard, it's well worth it :-) :-).


Stef said...


BTExpress said...

Impressive bicep.

B said...

I can't wait till I have a photo worthy bicep

looking good girl

Tina said...

Wow look at those veins!! Love it!!