Friday, September 05, 2008

Advice from YOU!

Artificial Sweeteners are wayyyy too prominent in my life and causing me Problem is that I want sweets soooo badly that I just deal with it. The time has come to be tough and quit the Sugar Free crap and I eat all the time..SF ice pops, splenda in my coffee, SF jello, SF gum and candy..AHHHH

Anyone have any good advice for quitting the drug known as Artificial Sweetener? I'd like to move towards a more whole foods/organic approach like honey/stevia or agave nectar.

How long will the sweet cravings last when I stop and will they lessen?

Thanks guys..

Tried Fage Yogurt today for the first time and loved it. Yep-I've officially been inspired by those other whole food blogs. It's about to get much better!



Digits said...

They say 21 days... I wouldn't know though. I don't do a lot of the artificial sweetner...
Agave nectar is fantastic though:)
On steel cut oats, with a little milk... some almonds...I know what I'm having for breakfast!
Stevia is good too but I prefer honey or the agave nectar.
The thing I like about honey is it has SO MUCH flavor I don't feel like I need as much :)
P.S. raw sugar is yummy too :)

Tracy said...

Read the book Skinny Bitch. If it doesn't change your mind about the artificial sweeteners than I don't know what will.


Hayley said...

I've been wondering the same thing about Splenda! I tried going without it in my oats and using fruit instead but i couldn't stand the taste. I'd love to know what you come up with! So now I've been having Splenda in my oats again but have been much better about the other stuff.

On the other hand, after just reading Tracy's post maybe I need to read Skinny Bitch? I'm kind of scared to though..LOL...I don't want to go vegan!

You always inspire me, and thanks for what you wrote on my blog... :)

Brit-Man said...

Just take it slowly. Probably just reduce the amounts gradually, at the times you would normally have them, every 5-7 days, so you're slowly cutting your bodies want for the sweeteners.

The body in such instances won't create withdrawal symptoms or signals of a significant note, if the cut made is slight, as opposed to total or almost total. So the body is then potentially getting a way to get used to the lower amounts, at any one time, until eventually you can just stop.

If you had it three times a day for example, you could cut to two, wait a few days then cut it to one and do it like that, but then you might get possible withdrawal symptoms at certain points in the day, which would linger for days, so the gradual cuts per instance as described before, would probably be better for you.

Can't say the first choice would be 100% foolproof for the body, or 100% successful, but like many things the body becomes adapted to having, that it doesn't necessarily need, gradually reducing intake each time, then giving the body a few days to get used to it, before repeating the process, might yield a good, withdrawal symptom free transition for a few weeks, until you're over it completely.

Hope that helps perhaps. Good luck, and best wishes :-) :-).


BTExpress said...

All I got is raw sugar. It's all I use.

Pittchick said...

Mmm, I love agave!!! I've never done artificial sweeteners, so I can't help you there. Good luck, though.