Tuesday, June 03, 2008


We just hit 100 degrees...




BTExpress said...

That's exactly why I don't want to live that far south. A pleasant 76 here today.

Digits said...

I don't like heat.
I also don't like cold.
I am just hard to please.
Its June here in Idaho and its 59 degrees. WTF?

Digits said...

I mean obviously it's June everywhere, but in Idaho in June the weather should be in the 90's.
Is what I meant.

Bone Sucker said...

Huh, bet you're happy for the breeze now!!! :-P

Trojan said...

LOL....breeze good, breeze that keeps blowing up my skirt...UM not so good.:)

BTExpress said...

You love the breeze and you know it. LOL

Brit-Man said...

Rather you than me :-p :-

Best wishes and take care.

:-) :-).