Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dedication or Stupidity?

Upon arriving at the gym today I managed to have some fun....I managed to rip my entire big toe nail off in one swoop of the gym door. It went dim for a second and i saw little white spots dancing before my eyes but stumbled to the front counter for check-in. It hurt SO FUCKING BAD! I was scared to look down for fear so I checked in and asked for a band-aid......and then I looked down. Yeah...I had blood pooling on the floor and all in my shoe. My wound gushed through 6 gauze pads and a couple band-aids before stopping.

Thought long and hard about leaving, I had a bonified excuse..injured/get out of gym card FREE. I opted to muster a small Lower Body WO. Why, you ask? I was already there and am obse...dedicated:) That particular WO wasn't the easiest in history. Between the icky bloody socks and the bloody photo in my brain I'm surprised I didn't puke. Still...did the leg press/squats/ext/curls and walked for 15 min.

Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow, the stinging sucks and when I poured peroxide on the wound..UM, I'm sure my entire complex heard the scream and string of obscenities.

Tomorrow is 5 am spin and UBWO...My trainer did say I can take it easy...:)

Least the cute German guy at the gym took this opportunity to hit on me..



Osbasso said...

Ooh, that just sounds painful. But at least you know you're still hot while bleeding all over the place!

Scaramouche Jones said...

Ok I just got a cold sweat

Tracy said...

oooh that sounds SO painful. You are obse ...DEDICATED!!!!!

Kate Michele said...

OUCH!!!!! Man that showed dedication!! I'd be gone.

Kim said...

How about crazy? Oh my gosh, I just now had time to catch up on my personal email and get caught up on the Trojan! Actually, I would think you're under the weather if you didn't stay to do your're just like that! ;) Losing the toenail sucks (as you know) and hopefully a nice one will grow back. Perhaps when it does, we should treat ourself to a pedicure!