Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I feel fat and bloated today...just thought everyone should know my current state of mind...or lack there of.

Today was a 4am day and I'm pretty sleepy, thankfully I can sleep in til 5am tomorrow...WAHOOOO

The new apt is nice but the traffic bites. On a good old evil apt complex said i should get my full deposit back....My breath is currently NOT being held. Work is pretty steady and it's been Excel Spreadsheets R Us.

Can't wait to start seriously decorating the apt as it really needs some help.

Might be making a trip to CA in June if my best buddy EVER gets back with me on good dates. I just want to hang out with my best friend and gain some much needed perspective...i sincerely miss her!




Tracy said...

Drink up your green tea..;)

the energy will kick in for ya sweets.

Laurie said...

Been there, done that - and crawling back out of it myself. Had an awesome workout and that helped. Talk to the man, he does really help.