Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Legs...where are you? I pushed out 420lbs on the leg press yesterday..only 4 reps but still um...heavy.

Today is heavy abs focus, so I'll do that workout after lunch. Trying to figure out when I'm strongest....it just might be after work. The problem there is that 1- the gym is over crowded with jerky people on MY machines and 2- there is ZERO parking. While i am bitching about my gym here are two other details.....

They have no ceiling fans in the spinning room. It gets to be about 85 during the summer and muggy IN the room. Hello!?!?!?! This is why people pass out in there.

Another thing, Who the fuck decided to have the bathroom on the bottom floor only? If i have to pee and I'm in step class it takes like 7 min out of my cardio workout and that seriously pisses me off. I'm no builder but many things could of been designed better in the name of fitness.

Other than that my Tuesday is going well. My boss is in CA with most of the crew at an all day conference. Wahooooo party in the office. Why sure I'd love a little Bailey's with my coffee...KIDDING.

Started the Tony program yesterday and it was a little tough going lower cal but I sorta made it. I will have to plan better and get into a rhythm. OH..and I now smell like Vinegar..YUCK.




Denise said...

Vinegar? eww

Trojan said...

Yep..but I can't go into detail..:)

Denise said...

This morning at the gym I had quite the funk going? I must have sweated in my sleep. Poor guy on the next bike. :)

Laurie said...

I'm so with you on the bathroom upstairs - my gym it's the free weight area that upstairs, like I can walk away from my machine for a minute and think it'd still be there when I get back.

Hate the gym at night too - think I'll have to do that tomorrow though - just dreading having to put all those boys in there place.