Thursday, April 05, 2007

Stairmill is the DEVIL

Good Morning,

I feel great but have certainly had a tough workout today. The emphasis of today was cardio/abs. Abs ...abs...more freaking abs. I was looking at the reps and gasp out loud in the QUIET training room. Course all the trainers and trainees looked at my like..WTF?!?

And so it good.

Then I decided to REALLY punish myself and hit the stair mill for 15 min. Holy Crap, that machine sucks. It hurts and it completely sucks in all your energy so naturally I will be doing it more often. Hello, I'm a masochist...stay with the program people!

I've had a case of the stupids lately on this low calorie diet. Walk into walls and shit. Boy, I sure hope I get fruit back soon. Before anyone freaks out...this is temporary and the calories will go back up. I guess I should work or something.

Hey tomorrow is a HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



@ss Gagger said...

When you say stair mill, are you talking about that crazy machine that actually has moving steps? You know, the kind that you have to pay attention to and not have jello legs while "walking" upstairs so you don't miss the step and fall down?? I HATE that one.

Trojan said...

YES..It SUCKS. I mean I miss steps all the time and look like a complete doofus but it's wear you out.


Mmmmm jello sounds good.

Trojan said...

Crap..I need to proof read my comments..

Laurie said...

On the find a bright side to everything - my crappy knees won't let me do that machine.

Today's my abs/cardio day and let me tell, I'm soooo looking forward to that - HA!

Buzz said...

15 miles? shit man, whips and chains are easier to handle than 15 miles on one of those mother-effers.


BTExpress said...

I'd normally be freaking about now, but since you promised, I hold my freaking for awhile longer. ;-)

Enjoy your day off.

Coming to Dallas next weekend?

Trojan...One Girl on a Fitness Mission said...

BTE..Nope..there is no way:( Too much going on here .I told Os I couldn't make it but dang...have fun for me:)