Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Can I pay someone to lift and drive for me today and tomorrow? Damn my arms are sore...TWO days in a row of heavy lifting and he saved those damn Bicep curls for last..UG! Still, I should be moving to the 55lb bar for curls soon.

My dumb bell curls max out at 22.5 lbs
Leg Press still at 420lbs and leg extension moved to 105 today..OUCH!

Progress hurts.....but in a really good way. Tony is showing me exercises I never knew existed before and I am digging it. Everyday is something new and it's REALLY reved up the metabolism. I am not even craving a cheat meal right now. Just give me chicken/eggs and greens and I be happy:). Hmmmm well I still want pancakes..but I can wait.

Moving day is Friday/Sat and I am VERY excited and nwevous...I might puke!



Laurie said...

I'd do it but I've got shoulders and bi's today and suspect I'll be in the same boat.

55 lbs is great!!

Katie said...

Awesome numbers!!! Thanks for inviting me -- I'm the friend of Laurie.

Trojan said...

Hiya Katie and thanks:)