Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Out of the woodwork...they come

So a good walking buddy of mine have been MIA for a few months. We chatted sparingly via email, nothing more. Today she emails me and tells me the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey might say.

She had been diagnosed with breast cancer( pre-stage)..thankfully she doesn't need radiation. She did have to loose her beautiful boobies though and it makes me sad.

This is why I am walking 60 miles people!!!! If little ole me can make a statement and a small difference well that is better than doing nothing. I honestly wish there was more that I could do.

I feel like such a vain bitch concentrating on slimming down and building muscle when there are SERIOUS issues out there. That I am so lucky to be just who
I am. I was speechless when she told me. The surgery was Monday and there she was walking at the track with me tonight. Freaking amazing.

I hope she gets only good news tomorrow. My thoughts are with her.



BTExpress said...

Hopefully, things like that allow us to see what is really important in life. You never know when that hammer will drop, now do you.

I think that what you're doing is a wonderful thing. I really going to try to make it to San Diego to watch you take that walk. Good luck on reaching your goal.

Suz said...

WOW...crazy! Still, be proud of your goals....hugs for your friend! XO

Scaramouche Jones said...

That's strength of will :)

Trojan said...

BTE...Thanks and man, i'd love to meet you:) Better believe I'll be up for a drink then. 60 miles better include some Vino.

Suz, you are such an Umberdoll...I miss you already. Thanks for the hugs, they WILL be passed on:)

SJ..No shit man.

I hope your have a great trip BTW:)

Laurie said...

That is fantastic and you are doing such a wonderful thing for such a great cause - a good friend of mine lots one of her breasts to cancer when she was in her mid-20's and it kills me to see that they keep pushing back the age for people to get their mamms done. I do the Race for the Cure every year, but that's no 60 miles - you go girl!!!