Saturday, April 21, 2007


Today was my first trip to IKEA and ME LIKEY!!!

It's complete and utter sensory overload but in a good way. I loved the showcase sections where you could see all of their furnishing options. The lighting section was way cool and you better believe that I have a list of things to buy after i move in to my new digs:)

And Billie..I tried one of those toffee candies( only half) and wow it was very yummy. No more of that shit. The Swedish eats looked amazing...

Today started off with Starbucks then a 2 hour trip to the gym.

My buddy Jamie was moving into a new house so I tried to help out a little. It was fantastic to finally catch up with her and her sister Billie. Course i got to chat with Billie and a few others at last night's Relay for Life. That was VERY cool.

Tonight will be low key as I'm tired and tomorrow is going to be busy. Hit the gym for arms and then rush off the Hilton for the Bridal Show.

Hmmmmm I really need to shave my legs I guess.



Kate Michele said...

LOVE IT the closest one to us is Pittsburgh like 2 hours away....LOVE IT

Laurie said...

I got to go to one once when I was visiting family in Seattle - so cool!!! I wish we'd get one here - it'd go nuts.

I hope someone takes pics of you at your pretty pretty bridal show today, I wanna see.

Bone Sucker said...

did you get lost?