Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Magic

Today is weigh in scale at home read 138..but i think I will weigh at the gym just to be sure:). Last sun I weighed in at 142-143 and now it's about 139-140..WHOA.

People....I actually have not cut out THAT much and am still eating plenty. I DID stop all SF gum,candy,crystal lite and sugar.

I felt amazing yesterday, even after all that exercise. I seriously bounced out of bed this morning and can't wait to hit the gym. Now my plan today is ALL abs and cardio....ack! More abs?, but I think I have Sunday off and will just do my own brand of cardio...sprints/training walk.

I am off to get some Java!



April said...

Don't you hate scales! Congrats on the weight loss, keep at it!!

Scaramouche Jones said...

No chocolate this Easter?

Trojan said...

Laurie said...

Great job!!! See, I told you that you wouldn't really be hungry.

No SF Gum, is that a Tony thing? I'm afraid to know.

Your hike pic looks beautiful - I wanna go!