Monday, April 02, 2007

Even Better Friday

Well smack my ass and call my Judy...Friday is a holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I am Jewish so I forget lots of holidays..Hell I don't even know my own holidays:)

So this morning was my first Tony workout and it took about 120 min to complete. might go back tonight for extra cardio...course we need to see what is in store for tomorrow. I have been stalking blogs of other women he trains and watching their progress..AMAZING. It's really got me hyped up and I am wanting to kick some ASS!

One thing..He has me drinking this "tonic" and it's messing my my tummy, hopefully that will calm down.

The scale issue was incorrect. I bought it brand new and new battery and it read 147..I was like WTF!!!!! Then it slowly started decreasing over the next few hours and I was really like..."UM I dig the trend but still WTF"! So I headed to Bed,Bath and Beyond and got on EVERY scale they had. People were like..Um crazy weight obsessed chick BUT I just wanted to know my true weight for the program start.

Starting stat's 143lbs with shoes
Height: 5'9 ..and 6'1 with heels..hahahahaha
BF% about 14-15%..which i LIKE.

I want muscle baby! Bring it on...

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Laurie said...

Wow, I want your current BF for my final one! I swear if I were taller, I wouldn't be overweight - do heels count, I could learn to walk in some if they did.

Thank goodness I tell Tony I only have an hour for the gym, I think I'd die in 2.

"Tonic" - ACV/LJ??? Nasty, Nasty stuff, but some of the diva's like it- crazy!