Thursday, June 22, 2006


Finally....Recognition for doing something right. I felt like the a damn dog hoping to get a " Good Girl". Jeez.

Got my first that's of Web Developing and Designing. I loved it. One cool thing about Blogger is that you get to dick around with links and codes and blah blah blah....Half the time I'm clueless but somehow make something happen. Perhaps by year end I be in the know how and feel really secure with that knowledge.

My boss came in and said good job and that I looked nice today, it felt really good. Stress has become a real downer part of life and I'm ready for that to lessen. There is a huge conference that our company is getting ready for and it a freaking war zone at the office. A zillion things are thrown at me constantly but I'm getting by. I figure, if I can just make it through these next few weeks, smoother sailing MUST be down the road. Fingers crossed.

Mean time, I'm fucking learning my ass off. The corporate mentality is unlike anything I've ever encountered. Such a strange animal.

TG tomorrow if Friday....!!!!!




Nadiah Alwi said...

nice blog...


btw, dont worry about the codes and link, no need to wait til year end, it's not that complicated when you're in to it. I'm no expert yet but I'm making friends with the codes already.


Trojan said...

Hey thanks Nadiah....and welcome to my little world:)

Professor Fate said...

Keep breathing in and out. Time is on your side.

Video X said...

yuck -- stress!

however, you're probably sick of people saying this to you...i'm sure you're doing just great.

we're always our own worst critics of course. you're doing something new...that's just scary and stressful in itself whether you want it to be or not.

when i started my first job in engineering...i felt UTTERLY CLUELESS!!!!!! i was sure i was going to get fired...that lasted a good 6 months. then i noticed other new people...all felt exactly the same way. i never got fired of course. it was all in my head.

mike said...

In a new job, when low on the learning curve, it seems like eveyone else around you knows what is going on and you feel like you are clueless. NOt a good feeling and very stressful. But as you move up the learning curve, and you start passing coworkers, bosses, etc. you feel more and more confident. It is a natural progression.

SEMICON West, by any chance? I participated in 2001 with my company.

Kate Michele said...

Yeah for praise!! The stress will lessen the more you learn and get comfortable with how everything works, and when your boss's stress level goes down!!

Rafael said...

Read Dilbert if you want a true inside look at the corporate mentality in a high tech company.

Spotty said...

But when you do get thru things and learn them, don't you feel good? Like you are actually making a contribution to something important? You go girl!

Pittchick said...

At least it's friday! I'm sure things will continue to get better for you.

mini driver wannabe said...

I live for atta girls--They don't come very often but when they do they are the best. I know there are more in you future.