Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Approach

The photo shoot I had yesterday went amazingly well. Ryan and Lee were the too photographers I worked with. One basically set the tone/mood and lighting, the other directed me and explained what he was looking for. This was a full nude shoot but the content was much more than a nude female. He needed someone who had muscle tone that would show off shadows in certain types of lighting. I had to flex muscles for minutes on minutes and it friggin hurt like hell a few times...But the payoff should be worth it. I feel his work will be in a gallery someday soon and his vision is something to behold.

Above all else....I'm a woman who appreciates vision and creativity encapsulated in a unique package.

Here is a photo graphic of his. It's pretty cool and just imagine that type of concept using the human form as a background....




Professor Fate said...

I love how artist make the rest of posuers such blatant fakes. I can't wait (although I guess I'll have to) to see the pictures.

Kate Michele said...

I can't wait either!! What Vision he has I love this photo!!!

Asian Princess said...

That is such an awesome photo! I love it! You better post your pic when he's done. I can't wait!

bronxbt said...

oh Trojan,
so cool there's someone else there who's liking the shadow play on the human form. Dunno if you've seen my work on the Sketchy site, but I am fascinated by the same thing, and I have more of my works that I'm working on scanning, editing in order to post too.

shadow play against the human body is a true site to behold!

i'm so happy you had a chance to experience this - and soon thru the eyes of a finished artist's work! congrats!

I do hope you can share some of this too.


sicilia_vita said...

It is wonderful to feel that excitement. To be naked, physically yes but more so emotionally, and to give yourself to a director, a photographer, a project. It is literally heartbreaking when it falls flat. That happens way, way too often. But every once in a while, the skys open, the sun shines down and you feel that warm creative glow so completely, it can make you cry.

I hope this is one of those kinds of artistic experiences.

BTExpress said...

These last few posts make me very happy for you. I love it when things are going well from my friends. The best part is that your not bitching about your new job, so that must be going well too. Next thing you know, you'll be telling us you got laid by a wonderful guy. ;-)