Sunday, April 09, 2006

Yesterday Rocked!!!!!

Went to bed early on Friday as the week was long and stressful. Was an early riser on Saturday, about 7:45 am...So I headed to the gym. I stayed at the gym from 8:45 to 12:30, had a KickAss gym session. Sometimes it just feels good and you don't mind the muscle fatigue and pain. I did two weight classes and two cardio classes. I was in a great mood!

I had good reason to party tonight, got a call from the casting office. I have been cast as a stand-in for, Mary Steenburgen( see photo). If your thinking "Um..Who is that?". She was the Mother in "Parenthood" and Doc's love interest in "Back to the Future 3". She is also Ted Danson's wife.Anyhow...I'll be her stand in for her new movie as well as a extra. Kinda cool since I've been out of the acting scene for 6 months.

After the gym, I headed home to set up my Saturday night plans. Had a couple friends in town and they wanted to check out the Swamp Fest...They headed dowtown early while I showered and called a few more friends. The Swamp Fest turned out to be a Swamp Michele,BoneSucker and myself met my other two friends and the Dog and Duck Pub. Never had been there and will definitely go back. Great food and great selection of beers. Pyramid Hefeweisen..Mmmmm. This started at about 2 pm.....Just so you all know. We then hit LJ's for a pitcher of sparkys. We decided to hit Coyote's Ugly, I love this bar....I know it's a chain and in a stupid movie..BUT...They had the best drink specials hands down. Upon entering the fine establishment we noticed a sex shop across the street..DETOUR. A few penis candy necklaces later...We finally invade Coyote's.

They had 1$ "White Trash Mimosa's" AKA Brass Monkeys..wahooo we were set! We got to drinking and I was pulled on the bar to dance and strut, always fun. Another guy offered to buy me a shirt if I changed in the bar.....No problem. In Austin it's legal for chicks to be topless allegedly..As I was in mid-strip, C'em Cummin walks up to me and says" Ahhhh Trojan, I see your making friends at the bar" Anyway...My new T-Shirt and I walked out to the patio to hang with my buddies and saw that a game of Tip Cup had begun. Good times. Many hours late,we were kinda hungry and the drink specials were no more, so we headed to Razoo's for some yummy Cajun cuisine and more drinks. Bone Sucker ordered this huge fishbowl of liquor with 6 straws.....That was mighty tasty. Food was great, company was even better and by 10:30..I was ready for bed.

Michele dropped me off and my neighbors on the 3rd floors were partying on the balcony...They talked me into joining them for a bit. A bag of M&M's and a beer later I hit my bed and got some quality Zzzzzzzz's. No hangover today...Major bonus.

Well...It's coffee:30 and another beautiful day in TX. We only get about 4-5 days of Spring so you have to take advantage when these days come along. Sparkling blue skies make you happy to be alive:)

Cheers and a plethora of brew



Kate Michele said...

Glad you all had a good time girl!! Sounds like it helped boost your mood..... Enjoy that good weather, up here in ole ohio we're still waiting on spring its still in the 30's!!

mike said...

Good for you!! Days like that are to be treasured.

Pittchick said...

That great news about the casting!

Sounds like a great weekend all-around.

Gone Home said...

Sounds like a kicking weekend! Excellent news about the movie. Mary was best playing herself in Curb Your Enthusiasm haha. Funny, I can see you in a Larry David show ;)

Summer said...

That's good news! Yay!

Topless at the bar? I would never have figured you'd do something like that... heehee

Trojan said...

Kate..thanks girl. i really needed it.

Mike...yeah and there are photo's for evidence too:)should post some later this week

DNA..yeah, my boss doesn't seem thrilled about me taking a half day but ..I think it's worth the risk. you only live once.

Ian..never saw Curb, but i have always enjoyed her acting skills and she seems so very sweet. We shall see! and I in a ar together would be fun fun fun!. We would definitly need bail

bronxbt said...

damn girl. you rawk the cas bah.
I'da paid money to see you jes' having fun at the bar. Or at least boughtchoo a drink... ;)


lecram sinun said...

Congratulations on the upcoming gig!

BTExpress said...

Congratulations on the movie! Topless Trojan dancing on a bar. Damn, I really have to get to Texas!

Haven't decided when I'll get there yet.

Bone Sucker said...

Now I know who she is!!! That's so cool... I'm going to be able to say, "I knew you when..."

Gotta do it again sometime: that was a blast! Tip Cup; I'm still laughing.

stretch td said...

Your shy ... that is what I like about you.

congrats on the job.

Asian Princess said...

That's awesome! Congrats! Will it be in town or will you be traveling for the part?

WooHoo dancin' on the bar...I'm all over that.

Trojan said...

Hey Chickie!!!!

Yah, I tried to hit the bathroom and was pulled on the bar.

The gig is tomorrow Downtown....I stand in and then portray the Make-up artist...should have a little screen time. :)

BH said...

Damn girl. Sounds like a great time! Be sure to tell C 'Em that I said hello!

babyG said...

sounds like I missed some fun ! well maybe next time. I had fun hanging out with my babygirl